1. What Is Revenue Cycle Management?

Revenue Cycle management is the process of filing a claim from beginning to end. When done properly, your office will increase payments and decrease bad debt write-offs.

2. Does Revenue Cycle Management Work With Any EHR and PM?

Absolutely. RCM is PM agnostic.

3. How Are Rejections Worked?

Our team uses state-of-the-art, exception-based tools to automate the claim workflow 
to quickly identify and address rejected claims.

4. How Fast Will I Get Paid?

While every practice is different, our team determines the optimal frequency of your claims submissions to optimize the speed of payment.

5. Who Posts My Payments?

We do. You pull the benefits and answer missing info requests, and we handle the rest.

6. Do you review claims prior to submission?

Our claims filing team “scrubs” every claim prior to submission for accuracy and medical necessity to prevent denials.

7. What credentials/experience does VisionWeb RCM have?

VisionWeb RCM’s team of billing specialists have over 30 years of combined medical billing experience. We have team members that began their careers as optometry technicians, opticians, and insurance billers with CPC and CPO-C certifications.

8. What kind of training does your staff receive?

Our account representatives receive annual HIPAA compliance training, continuous in-service billing education, and specialty payer training to provide you with the best services in Optometry billing.

9. What type of financial reporting do you provide?

Because we work directly in your PM system, your practice will always have complete, real time access to your insurance aging and receivables. We also provide daily posting reports, monthly account reviews, and state of the art revenue reporting.

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