OD Growth Guide: 5 Essential Insurance Reports

Billing reports are an essential tool for identifying inefficiencies and optimizing your business. When used effectively, they can reveal valuable insights about your practice’s financial health. The key is knowing where to look and knowing how to leverage that data in a meaningful way.

Stay on top of your billing cycle.

Poor billing practices can frustrate your staff, negatively impact your patients, and ultimately lead to big losses in revenue. Monitoring these top 5 essential insurance reports will help you increase revenue and prevent denied and lost claims. Take the guess work out of your reports with our latest eBook, OD Growth Guide: 5 Essential Insurance Reports.

In this eBook you’ll learn how to get the most out of the following reports:

  1. Denial Rate by Service Line
  2. Denial Count by Adjustment
  3. Processing Time Analysis
  4. Utilization Report
  5. Patient Responsibility

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